6 Tips for a Workflow Automation Project

6 Tips for a Workflow Automation Project

CCM have recently completed a cloud based workflow automation tool at a large global organisation to support how enquiries into the knowledge and information department are processed. Here are a few tips if you are planning a similar implementation:

  1. Review all options on the market including cloud offerings which can provide improved flexibility, collaboration and efficiencies which will form the main business case drivers for change
  2. Positioning a dedicated and empowered business representative to champion the changes to the global teams involved
  3. Have a clear communication and engagement strategy with the community of users including scheduled training sessions planned well in advance of go-live
  4. Understanding the security requirements early within the project to complete necessary penetration tests where confidential information may be at risk
  5. Getting a technical team set up and prepared for the integration points with your People Feeds and Mail systems
  6. Finally, ensure a global outlook is maintained throughout the project and not solely focused on the largest or closest teams, this will support success at go-live for all sites involved.If you would like more information or support please contact enquires@citychangemanagement.co.uk
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