CCM Helps Gatwick Airport Deliver Airline Moves Programme

CCM Helps Gatwick Airport Deliver Airline Moves Programme

CCM has helped Gatwick Airport successfully implement its Airline Moves programme – one of the biggest strategic projects in its history.

In January 2017 three of Gatwick’s major carriers moved terminals. British Airways moved to the South Terminal, Virgin Atlantic moved to the North Terminal, and easyJet, which used to operate out of both terminals, consolidated its operation in the North Terminal.

Airline moves – meticulous planning

The moves were staggered over a 72 hour period in order to ensure a seamless transition. Gatwick was planning the moves meticulously for more than two years. Operational stability and passenger experience is always crucial to the airport and the period of transition was no different.

With 43 million passengers a year travelling through the airport, Gatwick is growing fast. Moving the airlines was part of a £2.5 billion programme of transformation at Gatwick, designed to improve the passenger experience at every touch point and allow the airlines and the airport to continue to grow.

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42 major projects

Before the airlines could move, a complex programme of construction had to be completed. There were 84 construction activities, 42 major projects and a “to-do” list for the 72-hour switch itself with over 500 items. CCM was involved in the project since its inception, providing PMO and project support with a specialist project team of six people to manage requirements, stakeholder management and ensuring the plan of delivering BA’s new accommodation was managed and kept on track.

Click to see the Gatwick video “Airline moves is complete.”

Airline Moves Project - CCM Delivers SuccessManagement of requirements

The CCM project team managed 1600 requirements, for all of the transitions from one terminal to another, providing follow-up with all the airlines involved.

Stakeholder management

The CCM project manager became the single coordination point for British Airways and worked with the construction teams to co-ordinate the building of new accommodation for crew, new lounges and new check-in areas. He acted as a point of liaison between Gatwick’s project teams and the airline and tracked all activities to ensure their part of the moves could take place seamlessly.


Airline Moves was a complex programme of work with many interdependencies and tight timelines. CCM team members were completely integrated into Gatwick and played a key role in delivering their elements of the programme. Everything had to be done on time to ensure a smooth transition. Every team member played their role and the project is considered a huge success for Gatwick, taking the airport a huge leap forward in its transformation journey.

Airline Moves project – what the client said

Talking about the work that we did for Gatwick Airport on this programme, Gatwick Airport Chief Operating Officer, Chris Woodroofe, said the following:

“The Airline Moves Campaign was one of the most significant and complex projects Gatwick Airport has undertaken in many years. It was also one of the most successful and the success of the project can be directly attributed to the people involved. City Change Management provided several key people to the Airline Moves Campaign as well as expertise on project management and business change. CCM’s contribution was significant and their team made an immensely positive impact on the Campaign as a whole. They were particularly active in leading planning and change management activities, as well as playing a leadership role in the complex and logistically-challenging trials and live flights. Furthermore, they provided project support throughout the programme. CCM’s people are professional, knowledgeable and have worked collaboratively with the teams at Gatwick. I’d be happy to recommend their work to others.”

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