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One-year anniversary of five-year Gatwick cabling contract

On this day exactly 1 year ago, City Change Management arrived at Gatwick Airport to commence work on our 5 year cabling contract framework agreement. A great deal has happened since then. We have set up a brand new office, established a new enthusiastic team, added two new vans and a moped to the fleet, […]

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The Cloud Act and what it means for technology strategy

With companies moving more and more data into the cloud, the recently passed Cloud Act has had a material impact on technology strategy. The law change in the US will affect every major Cloud service provider and how they manage the privacy of their customers’ data globally. The Cloud Act or “The Clarification of Overseas […]

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How to start a new role and be effective quickly

Hitting the ground running is essential for anybody wanting to make an impact in a new role – even more so when the client has aggressive targets and a large volume of change to deliver. So how do you do it? In this article we discuss how to start a new role and be effective […]

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New fleet of vans to help us support Gatwick

Our cabling department has taken delivery of a new fleet of vans that will be based at Gatwick Airport. This will allow us to support Gatwick during our 5 year framework contract. We hope that our first vans of the fleet take us to new places with new people and open up new opportunities for […]

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Upgrading a global CRM solution

Thinking of deploying a global CRM system upgrade? CCM recently supported one of our clients, to deliver an upgrade of their integrated CRM solution. The upgraded solution integrates with Microsoft Outlook, allowing users immediate access to the CRM system without having to launch a separate application. This has contributed significantly to the overall adoption of […]

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Organisation, communication and hard work: how to manage large IT projects

If you’re managing small IT projects, it might be enough to rely on casual communication and occasional project meetings. But when it comes to designing a management plan for large IT projects, there is an increasing volume of complexity to consider. The key consideration is therefore when is it appropriate to retain an informal management […]

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Driving down costs – Project Managers or Project Management

Every organisation is concerned with cost savings across all aspects of their business, and project portfolios are no exception. This often manifests as pressure on the Portfolio Manager to achieve savings by targeting the portfolio P&L – which puts focus on the cost of the team delivering the programmes and projects with the portfolio. This […]

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