The Difference Between Change Management and Change Control

The Difference Between Change Management and Change Control

There are two types of Change Management that need to be applied to projects, and both are equally important. One of these manages changes to the scope, cost, or timescales of the project. The other refers to managing the impact the project will cause. Good project and programme management requires that both these types of change are carefully managed. CCM project managers understand the importance of both types of change management and will proactively manage these with the support of the Project Management Office.

Change within the project

To manage changes to the overall scope, timescale of delivery, and cost, project managers should put in place a Change Request, Change Log and Change Board process, which needs to be set up at project initiation. Checks on these and their governance is part of the role of the Project Management Office (PMO), who support project managers to manage change within their projects.

Change delivered by the project

Change Management Planning is the process of supporting the people affected by the change delivered by the project. It prepares people to work differently and is key to preserving productivity when a change to ways of working affects a person’s ability to do their job. It delivers a significant ROI (return on investment) because the value of any new system or way of working depends on its utilisation.

End user change management is needed when projects have a large-scale end user impact. In these situations, a change management plan is developed to map out:

  • how the change analysis will be conducted
  • how people will be communicated to, to prepare them to work differently
  • how they will be trained so they have the new skills to enable them to work differently

This type of change management is necessary whenever there are large scale technology, organisational, cultural or process changes affecting large numbers of people.

Change management and change control – where to find out more

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