Change management and communication support for projects and programmes

Change management and communication support for projects and programmes

It is well recognised that change management delivers a significant return on investment, as the value of any new system or way of working depends on its uptake and utilisation. Effective change communication not only prepares people to work differently but is key to preserving productivity during a period of uncertainty, when a change to familiar ways of working affects a person’s confidence in their ability to do their job.

Change management – preparation

To prepare people for change, a project team needs to understand: What they need to tell people to do differently, when to tell them, and how to tell them; checking every step of the way that the message is understood. This process of analysing, communicating, and asking is the premise of change communication.

Change analysis

To support employees through a period of change in the right way, a project needs to look at how they will experience the change. Change analysis looks at how individual roles will be affected rather than just looking at departmental or even enterprise-level effects. The more granular the analysis, the more individually tailored and applicable the communications and training can be, and the more you can support individuals through a change to ensure their continuing productivity.

Effective yet cost efficient change management

Understanding the appropriate change management approach, according to the level of disruption, is key to managing change in a cost effective manner. A small degree of change may only require a targeted communication plan. However, a larger degree of change can require much more active change management. In many large programmes, a change champion network of representatives from each affected team is created to promote the benefits of the change to peers, create a positive and receptive change culture in each affected team, and to provide a feedback loop. Setting up and managing a change champion network can seem like a large task but the potential ROI is significant and, to a degree, measurable.

Feedback is key to success

The feedback loop is key to making your change management responsive and agile. Through a change champion network you can find out how communications are landing, evaluate the training approach, and even just assess the mood of the organisation before deciding the speed of implementation the organisation can tolerate. This feedback loop allows you to adapt an approach according to the business’s response.

Change management – we can help

City Change Management’s extensive experience of running successful large scale change programmes means we can recognise the appropriate level of change management and tailor an appropriate change programme. The experience and skill of our people will ensure that the process is applied in a culturally appropriate manner that recognises the specific sensitivities of each organisation.

If you would like to know more or need advice on change management, please contact us to find out how we can help make your project a success.

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