Upgrading a global CRM solution

Upgrading a global CRM solution

Thinking of deploying a global CRM system upgrade? CCM recently supported one of our clients, to deliver an upgrade of their integrated CRM solution. The upgraded solution integrates with Microsoft Outlook, allowing users immediate access to the CRM system without having to launch a separate application. This has contributed significantly to the overall adoption of the solution across the firm – a key objective within the sponsoring department – Marketing.

Because of the scale of the change, the upgrade was carried out over a weekend. Some points to consider with this type of implementation are:


Involve the entire implementation team and ensure everyone has the opportunity to provide input for their specific areas of the upgrade plan.


Consider carrying out a formal healthcheck on the pre-production system to avoid any surprises on the day.


Plan for the unexpected. Planning for multiple scenarios means the team knows how to react should complications arise, and avoids unnecessary delays working out how to adapt.


Ensure the implementation team are clear on timings and their responsibilities over the weekend. Where possible, try and have as many of the team on site and where not possible, ensure that remote workers are 100% clear on their role and timings. Certain situations will require additional resource to be ‘on call’ – where this is the case, ensure that resource is aware of their potential role, should the need arise.


Use a combination of technical testers and users to test the application before signing off. Having resource on site and off site, and in multiple locations, will ensure the application is tested for both desktop and remote workers.

Post go-live

Continue to gather feedback during the warranty stage of the project. This helps to pick up on any initial set up queries and adjust training materials and communications as necessary.

CRM system upgrade – where to find out more

If you would like to know more about global system deployments please get in touch with us.

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