Migrate to Windows 10 within a year

Migrate to Windows 10 within a year

Ransomeware and Cybersecurity in the news

Cyber attacks, cybersecurity and ransomeware have hit the headlines recently and will very likely continue to do so. Hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and now identify and target companies who’ve allowed their systems to become out of support. Windows 10 is the safe ground and companies are now accelerating plans to migrate to the latest Microsoft release. CCM have helped a number of clients on this journey and have gained significant experience of delivering this type of project across various sectors. Here are some tips to help if you’re planning to initiate a move from your current operating system to Windows 10:

High level planning

Don’t try and understand everything before you start. Throw away the traditional project handbook and just get started with some high level planning.

Agree your scope

Agree your scope – Office 2016 / O365 / personal device choices / on premise or cloud.

Agile approach

Proceed with an iterative, agile approach and accept the risks with this plan.

Cybersecurity and Ransomeware AttacksPrime the portfolio

Make sure the rest of the portfolio is primed and other projects and programmes are able to adjust and support the journey.

Meet the resource challenge

Use the market to flex up to meet the resource and expertise needs for the design, build and deployment. Be careful not to lose control of the design and technical quality in the process however.

Bring in project management experience

Consider bringing in project management experience, technical support for the design, the build and the logistics of the resource intensive deployment. Comms, PMO, floorwalking and business transformation will need resourcing.

Committed business sponsor

Ensure you have total focus from the IT leadership team and the programme is led by a committed, influential and senior business sponsor.

It won’t be perfect first time

Recognise that it won’t be perfect first time. Aim to get to 90% and seek management sign off of this approach. It can be a significant investment closing the remaining 10%. There needs to be a plan for the remaining 10%, but this can be transferred to BAU or the Operation allowing the project to close.

Build subject matter knowledge

Build subject matter knowledge as you go. Even the most rapid migrations for any sizeable, complex organisation will take a year to complete. Use this time to train operational teams. Involve as many people as possible on the journey so teams can learn from more experienced 3rd party resources.

Business advantage of using the latest OS

It’s a challenging project and one that will dominate your portfolio for the year. Don’t underestimate the effort required. The rewards on the other side however are significant and there’s real business advantage getting to the latest OS on the market.

Cybersecurity, Windows 10 migration – where to find out more

If you’d like to learn more about migrating to Windows 10 and improving cybersecurity in your organisation, please contact us.

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