Deploying Global Solutions

Deploying Global Solutions

CCM recently supported one of our clients to deliver a digital dictation solution for use across their global footprint. The new solution allows members of the client organisation to access the application from any of their devices and from any location – even when not connected to the Internet. As well as refreshing the user interface, the upgraded system provides users with an intuitive dictation application that significantly reduces an administrative overhead, in turn increasing their fee earning capacity. Here we discuss some points to consider when deploying global solutions such as this:


Involve the whole project team in initial planning. The more involved the team feel in those planning sessions, the more they buy in to the plan.


Ensure VIP users are involved in the project from an early stage and that they feel their feedback is being included in the project roadmap. Regularly feeding back to them on their input and the associated plan of action helps to maintain the momentum and nurtures a group of product champions.


Piloting the application with a small group of regular users proved invaluable. Gathering their feedback regularly ensured that by the time we deployed globally, we were deploying a full user tested and approved version of the client.

Post go-live

Continue to gather feedback during the warranty stage of the project. This helped to pick up on any initial set up queries and adjust training materials and communications as necessary.

The upgrade maintains vendor support for this business application and also aligns the product with the organisation’s mobile strategy.

Deploying global solutions – where to find out more

If you would like to know more about global system deployments and how we can help, please get in touch.

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