How to start a new role and be effective quickly

How to start a new role and be effective quickly

Hitting the ground running is essential for anybody wanting to make an impact in a new role – even more so when the client has aggressive targets and a large volume of change to deliver. So how do you do it? In this article we discuss how to start a new role and be effective quickly.


Get to know the business, the culture and the people. Identify the idiosyncrasies and quirks, the way things are done and the way things work. Above all, be versatile: adapt and adopt.

Common sense

Use your senses to develop cultural awareness for your new client; look, listen, and ask questions. Be emotionally intelligent and astute. Understand the dynamic, the politics, the structural tensions.

Who, what, where, when and why?

Landing in a new working world is always a test for anybody to navigate. The same applies to entering the project portfolio TARDIS. Nobody expects you to fix everything in the first week, but the earlier you demonstrate your capability to colleagues, the quicker you gain your licence to operate. Know who does what, where they are, when they need to work with you and why they need your time. Then give them double what they expect if you can; it’ll be reciprocated in time.

Learn the lingo

Even the most rigorous methodology has its own language. Go native and learn the lingo! The sooner you’re on the same page as your colleagues, the sooner you achieve commonality in purpose and communication.

Eat, drink and be merry

Find a route in to become a valued member of the team. Have lunch, enjoy post-work drinks, find common ground, share banter and stories. Be accessible, an active participant, and take an interest in the people around you. Be authentic, prepared to challenge but fully supportive. Above all, be yourself.

How to start a new role – where to find out more

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