Could Brexit Impact Your Company’s Resourcing?

Could Brexit Impact Your Company’s Resourcing?

While the politicians have been arguing over Brexit in Westminster, there has been good progress behind the scenes to maintain stability in the event of a no-deal Brexit. A number of bilateral agreements have been reached under a broad heading of maintaining “Connectivity,” that covers areas such as flights into and from EU states, border agreements and UK and EU citizen rights.

Some states may refuse reciprocity

The UK has pledged to grant EU27 citizens the rights guaranteed under the Withdrawal Agreement, in the event of a no-deal Brexit. So this suggests some stability in the time immediately following Brexit. However there are concerns that some EU member states will refuse reciprocity, meaning UK nationals, in these states, would be treated the same as any other third-country nationals. There is a concern that, this in turn could force the UK to “reciprocate downwards,” putting at risk some citizenship rights for some EU nationals currently residing in the UK.

Will UK nationals lose rights to freedom of movement?

Whatever happens, it is likely that UK nationals in the EU will lose their rights to freedom of movement across the EU zone and likely face financial and documentation impacts associated with their new non-EU status. How much of a financial and bureaucratic burden will depend on the member state in question. While it is expected there will be impacts for some, the hope in the UK and across the EU is that these impacts are not substantial and members of the EU and the UK overseas will be able to remain.

Impact of Brexit on your workforce – where to find out more

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