Intercept and Recover

Intercept and Recover

Projects or programmes losing their way is not uncommon, in fact the average industry performance for project delivery is poor, with schedule overruns of 125% common. Additionally, 18% of all projects run more than 200% over budget and timescale. In some instances the scenario is worse and a project or programme will require rapid and focused corrective action to put it back on course.

Intercept and recover – A 4-step process

CCM have successfully recovered multiple failing projects and programmes. Our 4-step “Intercept and Recover” process is designed and proven to provide effective corrective action and lasting results. Unlike many independent review processes, our “Intercept” doesn’t just highlight where you’ve gone off course – we provide you with a “Recover” action plan and we can even oversee the delivery of the corrective measures to ensure you get the outcomes you want.

Recovering a failing project – where to get help

If you have a project in distress and need rapid correction, email our team to find out how we can help.

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