Maintaining delivery focus during major reorganisation

Maintaining delivery focus during major reorganisation

CCM have been engaged with a global law firm, who are part-way through significant transformation. For our client to be successful, it has been essential that we have been able to continue to make progress when typically you would expect to hear of delays and increases in cost and potential loss of benefit. So how have we achieved this? This article explains the important steps to take for maintaining project delivery focus at a time of major reorganisation.

Increasing stakeholder management

Stakeholder realignment and validation of the project direction is fundamental. The project manager should identify and manage disenfranchised individuals caused by projects in the portfolio which have been re-prioritised and potentially cancelled altogether. It is important to focus on any newly agreed objectives and benefits and re-communicate the positive outcomes to be delivered from your project.

Team management

Establish a project team quickly and focus on a team ethic and good internal communications to support team members who may be in newly created teams and based in remote regional offices. Define processes and routines that enable the team to work together. Launch new ways of working clearly upfront to enable efficient progress in the transition.

Confirm your baseline

Consider whether you will need to revalidate requirements, as these could have changed after the reorganisation, and of course, ensure change control is managed to capture if any major deviations to the original business case are being proposed.

Consider the scaling requirements on the design and technical elements to factor in the newly created organisation, notably, the number of users, capacity and new regional requirements. Environments planned for performance, load and stress testing, disaster recovery and production may no longer be fit for purpose and may need to be re-evaluated.

Risk management

Manage new risks and opportunities, which may have arisen following the change. Risks must be fully reviewed by the team and signed off by the sponsor. It is critical to ensure that the team have a clear understanding of the project’s organisational impacts and that these impacts are incorporated into both internal and external communications.

Maintaining project delivery – where to find out more

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