Managing a Critical Data Migration

Managing a Critical Data Migration

CCM recently supported one of our clients with a critical data migration, moving all in-house development code from on premise storage to a cloud storage provider. CCM project manager Lara Burgham provides some insights into projects of this type:

Critical Data Migration – Insights

De-risk Data Loss

In order to mitigate the risk of losing data, transfer a copy only. Delete the original data once you are confident the migration has been successful. In total, 8,600 work items (just under 14gb of source code) was migrated over a period of 4 months.

Challenge offshore estimates

When using offshore vendors, be wary that estimates from the offshore team may not reflect the real picture. The project took considerably longer than the original estimates, due to complexity that was not apparent to the offshore team.

Time zone differences

Also factor in the time difference. As we gave the vendor remote access to complete the migration, the data could only be moved during the limited overlap of working hours with both time zones to allow internal staff to monitor the activities being carried out.

Vendor remote access

Build time into the plan to enable your security team to sign off remote access for the vendor. Ensure access is limited to only the information/applications required.


Be explicit with your requirements. A “like-for-like” requirement is not easily translatable for an offshore vendor.

Commercial Engagement

Where possible engage the vendor on a fixed price contract. For any time and materials work:

  • Agree payment milestones rather than paying one lump sum at the beginning of the project. Gain as much commercial leverage as you can.
  • No matter the size of the engagement, carry out background checks on all 3rd parties.
  • Maintain a clear escalation path with the vendor.

Managing a critical data migration – Find out more

If you are planning a critical data migration project and would like some advice, please contact us.

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