One-year anniversary of five-year Gatwick cabling contract

One-year anniversary of five-year Gatwick cabling contract

On this day exactly 1 year ago, City Change Management arrived at Gatwick Airport to commence work on our 5 year cabling contract framework agreement. A great deal has happened since then. We have set up a brand new office, established a new enthusiastic team, added two new vans and a moped to the fleet, delivered many of Gatwick’s strategic projects in the first 7 months of arriving on site and secured a new landside storage facility.

CCM vans at Gatwick Airport

CCM vans at Gatwick Airport

We are facing some challenging times at the moment due to Gatwick Airport going through some strategic changes, but busy times are only just round the corner for us all. In the next few months we shall see ourselves being busier than we ever have been and shall need to ensure that we continue to deliver the quality installations that we not only demand from ourselves but that our clients are now expecting as the status quo from CCM.

We would like to thank the entire Gatwick team for the work they have carried out over the past year and look forward to working with them all for many more years.


Gatwick anniversary cake

The 1 year anniversary cake

You can read more about our 5-year contract with Gatwick in our article: CCM signs new 5-year contract with Gatwick Airport.

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