How to prepare for an internet browser upgrade

How to prepare for an internet browser upgrade

Are you preparing for an Internet Browser Upgrade? If so there is some necessary pre-work that can be carried out which will help with the upgrade project once it commences. Sam Taylor-Allkins at CCM explains:


First you’ll need a full audit of all applications that use the current browser – this helps define your scope and also your test plan.


Following auditing you’ll need to investigate which applications should work on the new browser, leaving the ones where there’s either no information or a definitive non-compliance statement. This can also be done in advance or, alternatively, as an early project task.

Testing Approach

The more that can be passed to application owners for UAT the better.

Testing Costs

Agree the appetite for risk. Testing costs can be reduced if there is an acceptance that the cut-over will generate a number of untested low level defects. Investment should focus on efficient “fix on fail” to minimise business impact.

Environment Prep

Prepare the application packaging platform to enable sites with specific security policies, configurations or plugins.

Integration Points

Investigate browser relationships with key systems such as the storage, network and communication platforms.

Strategic Planning

Review Vendor Roadmap and plan your target environment based on the vendor’s longer-term strategy.

Back-Up Option

It may be advisable to analyse alternative backup browser strategies which the project can consider, should the target browser prove unfit for purpose.

Preparing for an internet browser upgrade – how to find out more

If you are planning an internet browser upgrade and would like some advice on how to prepare for the project start, please contact CCM.


This blog was originally posted on 27th March 2015 and was updated on 30th August 2016.

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