Software as a Service Upgrade of Client Online Learning Platform

Software as a Service Upgrade of Client Online Learning Platform

City Change Management recently managed the very successful migration of a large client’s online learning system. The service was migrated from a legacy Software as a Service (SaaS) platform to a new SaaS platform to enable the client to offer their end users a refreshed online solution and mobile access to learning materials.

The project introduced a mobile application which made the learning tool available on iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets. A successful pilot was run as part of the project and all supporting infrastructure put in place. The project team then handed over to the client’s knowledge and learning team to finalise testing and continue the rollout to the rest of the company.

High attendance at project team meetings

The kick off meeting had full attendance, and a high level of attendance was maintained at project team meetings throughout the project, something we recognise as being a key factor in the successful running of any project. Initially, the SAP team resource was a little constrained due to conflicting priorities, but we carefully managed the demands we put on their time, so this did not affect the project delivery.

Pre-empt potential risks

The platform had an active community of users online, meaning the project team were able to review user forums ahead of and during the project to pre-empt potential risks and ensure mitigations were in place. They were also able to reach out to the user forums when issues arose. This is an approach we use and recommend when implementing products with an existing user base.

CCM best practice followed

We followed CCM best practice by engaging the vendor’s technical team early to ensure that the technical and security risk assessments were turned around quickly. This gave us a complete understanding of the technical requirements very early on. We have learnt during our work on implementation projects, always to check that the vendor has reviewed the full scope of the particular engagement and hasn’t made assumptions based on previous projects.

Avoid common pitfalls

Throughout the Software as a Service upgrade project, we followed CCM best practice, and this, in combination with the experience of our project managers, allowed common project pitfalls to be avoided and the best possible result for the client. UAT scripts were prepared, but users were also encouraged to explore the system which provided the edge cases that can be so important in identifying potential issues. Pre-deployment calls were very useful in ensuring everyone knew their role on the day, and a detailed go-live plan was prepared for the go-live weekend that outlined roles and responsibilities and the tasks required of everyone.

The project was a success and the client very happy with the underspend and the early completion, which was one month ahead of the forecast completion date.

Software as a Service upgrades – where to find out more

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