Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Management

CCM ATLAS is CCM’s knowledge bank, providing guidance on all key processes that underpin portfolio, programme, project and PMO management.  Each process is built around industry best practice and supplemented with the experience gained from the many hundreds of projects CCM have delivered over the last few years. Today’s article provides a high level overview of Stakeholder Management.

Stakeholder management – a high level overview

Stakeholder management is an iterative process to enable the identification,  analysis and planning of actions to communicate with, negotiate with and ultimately influence stakeholders.

Identifyyour stakeholders.
Assessthe motivation and needs of each stakeholder.  Are they positive / negative?
Definelevel of influence and rank them in importance
Createaction plan
Managethe plan
Reviewregularly throughout the project.

Stakeholder management plan

Your stakeholder management plan should focus on managing the most influential stakeholders and in particularl those who are negatively impacted by the change.  Ignoring, or applying minimal focus to, these stakeholders is to introduce risk into your project or programme.

Additionally, failing to correctly engage with influential stakeholders, who are positively impacted, risks missing opportunities or positive inputs. Poor stakeholder management is a common reason why projects fail.

Stakeholder management – where to find out more

To learn more about stakeholder management or CCM ATLAS processes, please contact CCM on

Read our blog: CCM ATLAS – more than just process.

This blog was originally published on 15th October 2015 and was updated on 3rd July 2017.

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