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Could the UK find an ally in Switzerland?

The UK is not the only state in the midst of a lengthy debate with Brussels. The Swiss government is facing its own dilemma in relations with the EU. The European Commission has put the screws on Bern to accept a new “institutional framework agreement” to govern bilateral cooperation with the EU. We discuss if […]

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Could Brexit Impact Your Company’s Resourcing?

While the politicians have been arguing over Brexit in Westminster, there has been good progress behind the scenes to maintain stability in the event of a no-deal Brexit. A number of bilateral agreements have been reached under a broad heading of maintaining “Connectivity,” that covers areas such as flights into and from EU states, border […]

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Brexit – preparing your business for the changes ahead?

What does the vote to leave the EU mean to your business? One thing is certain, the ability to remain flexible and ready for change will be key. CCM’s business model enables companies likes to yours to focus on the plan while we take care of the change and uncertainty. Here are three areas where […]

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