Tips for a WAN Acceleration Deployment Project

Tips for a WAN Acceleration Deployment Project

Are you considering implementing a WAN acceleration deployment project? CCM have recently completed a project of this kind – this was a global migration of WAN acceleration equipment at a Magic Circle law firm. The project delivered the business case benefits on time and on budget. CCM’s Sam Taylor-Allkins provides a few tips to help if you are considering a similar deployment:

Physical vs virtual WAN accelerators

When writing the business case, consider the benefits of physical versus virtual WAN accelerators. In our recent project the client requested to move away from physical devices to virtual Silverpeak accelerators, to improve support, gain greater flexibility onsite and reduce support costs.

Engage with suppliers

Engage with your network infrastructure and telecom providers – support from your 3rd party vendors is essential.

Build efficient processes

If you are carrying out global deployments across multiple sites you’ll need to build efficient and consistent processes to meet key timelines.

Migration windows

Agree out of hours migration windows with local management teams.

Divide migrations into stages

For large scale deployments divide the migrations into stages, possibly by region. This enables visibility of progress for the sponsor and stakeholders and makes the organisation of tasks more manageable for the project team.

Communicate clearly

Well briefed engineers, with local knowledge, will be required at each site to carry out  technical tasks including pre/post migration testing.

Collaborative approach

Create a collaborative approach with all teams involved to ensure equipment is configured correctly and in a timely manner.

WAN Acceleration Deployment Project – Find out more

If you are planning a WAN acceleration deployment project and would like some advice on how to prepare for the project start, please contact us.


This blog was originally posted on 4th March 2016 and was updated on 15th September 2016.

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