We’ve got the blueprint for your new office

We’ve got the blueprint for your new office

Are you considering moving to a new office or setting up a new office in a new region?  CCM successfully completed an office move for a client recently, the latest in a sequence of similar assignments. In fact, CCM have managed over a dozen office moves and new office builds for our clients over the last few years. In so doing we’ve built up a body of knowledge specific to these projects – an office moves blueprint.

Property project blueprint

As is often the case with related projects, the IT planning for property projects follows broadly similar paths and CCM have established a blueprint of these plans. This means the experience of the PM is backed up by templates and guidelines to ensure successful delivery. CCM’s PMO manager, Jo Robinson, outlines some of the key points to consider with property projects:

1. Don’t reduce the IT time-window

Firstly it is important to recognise that IT is often the last workstream to commence in a property project. A situation that brings its own challenges. The option to reduce the IT time-window, to keep on track with the overall programme, is a common temptation. However, doing so introduces significant risk and should be avoided where possible.

2. WAN circuits can be a key risk

WAN circuits can have leadtimes that stretch into months and, due to the set up of WAN providers’ sub contracts, dates are often unreliable. A key risk.

3. Consider alternatives to traditional WAN links

Interestingly, viable alternatives to traditional WAN links are coming to market and should be considered.

4. Plan early for ERP setup

Setting up your organisation’s ERP with the new property details can take considerable effort – especially when opening a new office in a new country. An early planning consideration.

5. Consider the mobile workforce

These days the network design should integrate voice, data and WiFi and should recognise the shifts in working practices and data content usage of the increasingly mobile and always connected workforce.

6. Migration options

Finally, thought should be given to the migration. A single weekend move is sometimes more risky but often less complex and lower cost. Options should be reviewed carefully.

Office Moves Blueprint – How to find out more

All CCM’s office move / new office documentation is centralised by the PMO and is available to all CCM project managers. So if you are planning a relocation into new office space or setting a separate office in new region and would like some advice on how to deliver the associated IT?  Email us to find out how we can help.


This blog was originally posted on 23rd February 2015 and was updated on 15th August 2016.

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