Top tips for deploying a global workflow solution

Top tips for deploying a global workflow solution

CCM recently supported one of our clients, to deliver a cloud based workflow solution for use across the organisation. The new solution allows users to access the interface from any device and any location.

The global deployment of the new application has significantly updated and refreshed a key component of the client’s knowledge system and enables more effective management and improved efficiency.

Top tips for deploying a global workflow solution:


1. Planning:

Allow time up front to ensure the business requirements are detailed and accurate. Try to steer the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) away from trying to design a solution and help them focus on providing high quality requirements that are clear to both them and a software supplier. The clearer the requirements, the better the solution will match the organisation’s need.

2. Resourcing:

Ensure all the impacted users are involved from an early stage. It’s vital to ensure that this key stakeholder group feel they are being appropriately engaged and included in each stage of the deployment. Getting this right up front will avoid any surprises further down the line with requirements appearing from a group or individual that should have been engaged from the beginning.

3. Testing:

The risk profile was assessed and it was agreed only user acceptance testing would be required. This reduced cost but added some risk to cutover – which was understood and accepted.

4. User Acceptance Testing (UAT):

Gather regular feedback from your SME group throughout UAT to ensure they complete all the required testing, and feedback as much information as possible. This will ensure a thorough UAT phase and a successful deployment.

5. Deployment and handover:

Map out a detailed cutover plan well in advance, and make sure the whole team understand and buy in to it. On the day of the cutover, ensure everyone understands their assigned responsibilities and any specific timing. Where possible, use the global support structure and carry out follow the sun user testing and sign off following implementation.

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If you would like to know more about global system deployments please get in touch with us.

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